About us

DH is a professional supplier of electric parts, established in 2012, serving for wiring harness manufacturer, construction, agriculture equipment electrification company and so on. We are not only supply commercial-off-the-shelf parts, such as connector, relay, fuse and so on, but also supply customized parts such as On-board-charger, DCDC converter, PTC coolant heater, battery termal management system and so on.

The company’s employees have over 10 years of experience in the vehicle and powertrain industry, and have worked in product management, research and development in world-renowned companies. They have a profound understanding of new energy vehicles and components.

We are not only have professional skills and rich experience, but also have an attitude of actively cooperating with customers to solve practical problems. Our products have advantages in price and quality, and we provide customers with the best mature solutions.

Application Sectors